Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christmas tree from recycled material

It seems that I am posting either my crafts or recipes, but it's what we all here for, correct. I had a chance to do some crafts using recycled material and if I can say myself, I did a pretty darn good considering. I never wanted to use this phrase...but in all purposes what it is, toilet paper rolls. That right, I made Christmas trees out of strips of toilet paper or paper towel rolls. After I flattened the rolls, I marked 1/2 inch increments with the pencil to the end of the roll, then cut the strips. Then I sprayed all the strips with green paint (do this part outside) and let them dry. I went row by row and attached each strip to a cardboard cone that I made myself. Each row took about 8 strips and took 10 rows from bottom to the top... so there were 80. Depending on the size of the dimension of the tree. Then I went around with plain (Elmer's) glue and sprinkled faux snow randomly and then put white glitter on some branches. I made a circular base from cardboard and hot glued to the bottom and sprinkled more faux snow to it.

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  1. What a great idea. I love crafting with recycled materials.